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Engineer, Designer, & Contractor Testimonials

Electrical Contractor 

I would like to thank you for a wonderful informative day. It was above and beyond any of my expectations. The facility was inspirational, the staff informative and very friendly not to mention the wonderful meals. The employees at the plant seemed very happy to be working there, which is a great reflection on management. The total operation was very impressive. (2/11/13)
Mike Howard

Electrical Contractor 

We got a delivery of fixtures yesterday from HE Williams. First, they came on time when they said they would. Second, the driver was clean, professional and helpful. Third, the pallets were sturdy enough to support the fixtures and they were new. Forth, the fixtures were packed right and supported (wrapped) correct, not a fixture loose or damaged. When the driver left he gave me a card with a number on it and told me if anything was wrong to call that number. A superb fixture with service to back it up. Thanks for being a rep for HE Williams! (2/05/13)
Mike Atkinson
Project Manager

Electrical Contractor 

We installed the EW layout you gave us this week and the customer was very satisfied. At the risk of getting mushy I also have to say, having installed some of those myself that the quality is far superior and a pleasure to work with.
Mike Sanborn


It was a pleasure visiting H.E. Williams factory. I have visited several Japanese and European manufacturing facilities, and your factory was unique. I couldn't help but notice the quality, high-efficiency and excellent management throughout your facility. This gives me a strong tool to use as I introduce H.E Williams products to FBA clients.
Mark Mahdavian
Associate, Project Manager

Consulting Engineers 

I was at a job where we have a lot of H.E. Williams fixtures installed. They all look great! I was especially happy with the quality of the 2x4 Recessed Direct/Indirects. In contrast, I received product from a different manufacturer on another job (although I specified around H.E. Williams) and the quality is terrible—reflectors and baskets dinged up all over the place.
Ian MacDonald
Electrical Designer


High quality lighting is more important than most people realize. As a health care professional, I know that proper lighting can speed the healing process in our patients. As a CEO, I know that high-quality lighting makes a big difference in employee productivity. That's why we turn to H.E. Williams when making lighting decisions, because their combination of sound advice and top-of-the-line products is hard to beat.

Bob Copeland

Electrical Distributor 

H.E. Williams is the best commercial lighting manufacturer we deal with. They provide a good product, good packaging, a flexible return and claim policy, and timely shipping true to schedule—second to none! Thank you Wyoming Lighting and H.E. Williams, Inc.
Walt Zorna
Inside Sales

Lighting Designer 

A heartfelt thank-you to H.E. Williams, Inc. for maintaining their longstanding tradition of producing some of the finest lighting products available, and offering premier customer support through their factory personnel and agency network. Whether a specific project demands a handful of luminaires or several thousands, the company has performed to consistently high standards of production quality and delivery. While perhaps not the largest lighting equipment manufacturer, in my estimation they certainly remain the leader in those areas which are of the greatest importance—integrity, pride in their product line and commitment to customer satisfaction. H.E. Williams, Inc. will continue as our basis of design lighting vendor, as they have for many years in the past.

Mike Lambert
Lighting Designer

Electrical Contractor 

"When a customer moved up the construction schedule, Williams adjusted the delivery date and shipped the fixtures early so we could meet the new deadline. This kept our customer happy and resulted in more work for us. That's what I call customer service. In today's business environment customers want things today or no later than tomorrow. Williams and Infinity have the resources and capability to ship fixtures fast so we can keep our customers happy."

"Williams looked at our design for a manufacturing facility relighting project. Based on their 60 years experience, they explained our plan would not provide adequate light levels. They suggested an alternate design incorporating a combination of four and six lamp fixtures that resulted in a customer who was happy with the quality of light in the facility. You can't buy that kind of customer support. With decades of product design and manufacturing expertise, Williams and Infinity offer a variety of options so we can customize orders and meet customer requirements."

"The quality of Williams and Infinity product designs, together with their manufacturing expertise, helps us in our sales efforts. Their range of products allows us to stay with a single supplier for a wide variety of projects. This translates into efficiency for us and allows us to stay competitive in bidding projects."

Dan O-Rourke

Design/Build Contractor 

"H.E. Williams and their local rep always remember 'we are the customer'. As both engineer and contractor for projects, we specify the ballasts and lamps we want by brand and catalog number when we order fixtures. With Williams, we always get what we specify. Many of their competitors say they can't do it or if they say they can, their promise doesn't get conveyed to their manufacturing plant and the fixture arrives with the wrong ballast and/or lamps. That doesn't go over well with us."

"Both Williams and Infinity are very responsive to our needs. They provide quality products at competitive prices with exceptional delivery times. Merit Electric is a true design/build contracting and engineering firm. Williams and Infinity have helped us maintain our 20-year reputation for customer quality and service. That impacts our bottom line in a positive way."

"As a local, family owned company, Williams and Infinity manufacture and assemble everything in Carthage, MO. This allows for outstanding quality and attention to detail, and their products reflect that."

"Both the Williams and Infinity fixtures are optimally designed for lighting performance, not the shipping box or the number of boxes they can get on a pallet. They are focused on product quality, not just the bottom line. So, we rarely have to repair or return a fixture because it was damaged in shipping."

John Kampf
Technical Material Specialist

Electrical Contractor 

"Packaging for Williams and Infinity products is great. Their products arrive ready for installation. I know when I receive a shipment from one of their competitors, the bottom layer of fixtures will be in such poor condition, we just have to throw them away. Also, from an environmental standpoint, there are not a lot of pieces in each package. This results in less time to clean up at the job site and less material we have to cart way. That saves time and remember, time is money in our business."

"Williams and Infinity products are always price competitive, something very important as we serve our commercial and school district customers."

"Williams and Infinity have a reputation for on time delivery. That helps us maintain our schedule and, this in turn, translates directly to our bottom line."

Mark Wiswell
Vice President

Consulting Engineers 

"A lot of what makes H.E. Williams Inc. stand out is attention to the little things, like the powder coating on the fixtures to improve reflectance, the mitered corners to make them easier to handle, the unique blade of their parabolic louver and the overall construction. When you pick up fixtures from some other manufacturers they really sag, but the Williams fixtures are nice and rigid. We have these lights in high rise buildings where tenant finish remodels occur monthly, and these fixtures hold up to the multiple handling and re-stocking."

"I've been out on several factory visits to other manufacturers and Williams really stood out. You can hear about something all you want, but once you've seen it and compare it, you really understand the differences. When you talk with their people, you can see in their eyes that it's more than just a job—they really love their product and have the longevity with the company to prove it. They do a great job of staying in touch with those of us in the field, and the Show Coach with the applications engineers they have is a great tool for bringing the factory to our office and all of our staff."

"I've specified Williams for over 22 years, Infinity for 10 years, and will continue to do so. They've done a really good job of avoiding industry fads while delivering solid, high-quality products."

Michael Hutchison

Consulting Engineers 

"The service we receive from Infinity is amazing. In fact, when we were designing a project to light the parking garage and valet area for a new casino in the mountains outside of Denver, the local plan review engineer notified us that he would not issue a C. O. for the project if we couldn't get an adequate re-strike and footcandle level within 90 seconds on the HID fixtures after a power outage. This would be subject to field inspection the day before the scheduled opening."

"We had other manufacturers that wanted to get in on that job, but none of them would ensure that their fixtures could provide the light levels for egress within 90-second re-strike. When I contacted Infinity about this project, they mocked up the fixtures in their factory, tested the re-strike times and light levels, and shipped all the fixtures with their assurance that the light levels would be attained within the 90-second requirement."

"When we tested the installation, the inspector just shrugged his shoulders and said, "Well, I've never seen these type of lights re-strike and provide that much light before." Infinity completely believes in their product and so do we."

Michael Hutchison

Consulting Engineers 

"After 27 years of specifying and comparing light fixtures, I can attest that lighting products from Williams are always first rate."

"Williams has always given us the tools, (catalogs, computer software, lab testing and educated sales force) to present our clients with a full range of products from basic to cutting edge and always at a fair price."

"The Williams Company philosophy is evident in their products, they follow a path of using quality materials, well researched design, efficient manufacturing techniques, and reflective final finishes."

"Anyone considering using Williams Lighting Products should perform tabletop comparisons. You will find, as we have, that Williams sets a standard that will make 'A Visible Difference' in your lighting projects."

Norman Goth

Lighting Designer 

"H.E. Williams, Inc. is the benchmark by which I measure other lighting companies. In both the fluorescent troffer and downlighting areas, they offer the best products available today." 

"But their fixtures are just part of the story. Williams also has really good customer service, all the way from their reps to the people at the factory. If there's a mistake somewhere on a job site, regardless of how it happened, they're very good about ensuring that things are made right. For example, I've had occasions where a fixture needed two ballasts, but was only specified in the schedule for one. Instead of getting into finger pointing about where a mistake was made, Williams went out of its way to provide an extra ballast to the end user. I think that's says something about the quality of the firm and its people."

"In recent years, I've chosen to specify only those companies who have a track record of standing behind their products and providing good customer service. That's because a lot of the buildings I work on will be around for a long time, and I'm confident that the Williams or Infinity products we specify will last as long as the building."

Brent Larsen
Lighting Designer

Consulting Engineer 

"H.E. Williams Inc. has the end user in mind when building their products, especially when it comes to ease of installation and low maintenance. From a quality viewpoint they're the best product we've seen, and that's why they are the only fluorescent troffer we specify."

"On a recent project with a school district, another manufacturer asked that one of their products be designated as an approved equal. But when we asked for a sample of a proposed substitution fixture, that particular sales person went directly to the district. He told the project owner we were just being nit-picky and that there wasn't much difference between the fixtures."

We recommended the district view a tabletop comparison with the Williams fixture and the proposed substitution. After we finished showing the district officials how well the Williams fixture operated, the person demonstrating the competing unit couldn't even get its door open. That demonstration not only helped Williams, but it reflected well on our reputation for specifying quality products."

Pete Johanson
Consulting Engineer

Consulting Engineer 

"H.E. Williams, Inc. has been the benchmark of our lighting fixture schedule for a long time. Their products are durable, they look good, perform well and we receive very good service from the company's sales reps."

"Over the years, we've had other manufacturers come in with fixtures they wanted us to review, and they have asked, 'Is this as good as the Williams fixture?' On one job, a manufacturer was determined to provide a fixture that would meet our specification, and during the submittal time they repeatedly sent us samples of their product. But the door frames on their fixture were flimsy and had a lot of light leakage. It took four times before their troffer would pass our judgment, but it was a one-time thing, because they kept having to custom-make door frames to finally get one that would work as well as the standard Williams product."

"In an industry where troffers are largely a commodity, Williams offers a very good product. A lot of the standard features on the Williams products are options from other manufacturers -- if you can get them at all."

Tom Orazem
Consulting Engineer

Consulting Engineer 

"I've known about H.E.Williams, Inc. for over 20 years, and I originally thought of them as a rather small player in a big arena. But I've come to recognize that they can handle most any size job, while retaining the ability to do things that the large lighting conglomerates cannot.

"The company's attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. For example, the overall fit and finish of their products is excellent because all parts are painted after fabrication. The edges of the fixtures aren't sharp, which makes them safer to handle. The overall performance and durability of the Williams and Infinity products exceeds industry standard, and their ability to turn around a customized order request is phenomenal when compared to their peers.

Because they're not focused on trying to shave nickels on every fixture they make, Williams and Infinity have maintained a high level of quality in an industry that tends to be focused on cost-cutting.

Paul Cronauer
Consulting Engineer

Consulting Engineer 

"I have been specifying Williams/Infinity Lighting Products for well over 19 years and have had only positive feedback from contractors, architects and owners alike. From projects that only require the basic troffers and downlights to projects with custom made light fixtures that incorporate curved profiles to follow roof decking, have display lighting components and acoustical qualities. Williams/Infinity Lighting has never "cowered" back and said "This is your problem". They have always been there to help find solutions to any lighting design concerns – even if that means creating a fixture for that special application."

"I am licensed in over 40 states and have had projects in all of those states. The last thing I need is to specify a light fixture that I cannot trust to be of the highest quality and value and not to have manufacturer’s support if a problem arises."

"Williams/Infinity Lighting still gives value and quality as a part of each and every one of their product offerings."

"Value is there from the light fixture construction and cost all the way up to the people who build and sell the product. At anytime, we know we have the full backing and support of the entire company if for any reason a problem or question arises on a project. No questions asked, the support is there. Most other companies have opted to delete support from their offering as a cost cutting measure, not Williams/Infinity. Williams/Infinity still gives a high quality product with outstanding support all at the same cost as other manufacturers with product only – that is what I consider value."

"Quality is evident in any "table top" comparison you want to do. Put any of the Williams/Infinity product line up against any other manufacturer and the quality of the Williams/Infinity product stands out. Thus the slogan "A Visible Difference". Why allow a cheaper light fixture just because "it's all the other guy makes". I establish a quality threshold when I specify the Williams/Infinity products and everyone else must meet that standard or not bother asking to be an "equal" on a project."

"Value and Quality – why should an Owner or Engineer settle for less? As an Electrical Consultant, it is my responsibility to specify products that give the owner the highest value and quality solution for a comparable cost – Williams/Infinity Lighting products deliver."

"I am confident that with the Williams/Infinity products and the Williams/Infinity people, I am giving the Owner the best I can."

Phil J. Voegeli
Professional Engineer

Electrical Contractor 

"Williams and Infinity fixtures are price competitive and craftsmanship is always there. I’m a master electrician so I recognize the quality materials and manufacturing expertise that goes into everything they produce."

"Just in time shipping from Williams and Infinity means that the fixtures arrive just when we need them. That eliminates warehouse expense, theft and damage so we look good to our customers. It translates into more business for our company and supports our reputation for quality work."

"My local Williams and Infinity representative is my source for the latest information on lighting technology. They know what’s new and how it can be used on the new and retrofit commercial, industrial and hospital projects we work on."

"The purchase of a special pallet jack at the suggestion of our Williams and Infinity representative was one of the best investments I made. They packaged the fixtures on smaller pallets that fit through the 30 inch doors of the school we were working on. This cut down de-packaging work which saved us time, both during installation and on cleanup at the end of the project."

John Melton

Electrical Contractor 

"The Williams and Infinity reputation for product design, manufacturing expertise, on-time delivery and customer service allows us to specify their fixtures with confidence, no matter what the project."

"When we suggested that an architect substitute a Williams fixture for the unit that was originally specified, Williams agreed to Fast Track the order, cutting our delivery time from the industry standard of 6-8 weeks to just 3 weeks."

"If we would ever have a problem with Williams or Infinity fixtures, all we have to do is talk to our local representative, who just picks up the phone and calls the factory. The problem is taken care of immediately. They’re at the top of my list for customer service."

"Whether a large or small job, Williams and Infinity palletizes and ships products per the customer requirements. I don’t want to pay someone $18 to $20 an hour to unbox fixtures when palletizing and shrink-wrapping an order will do just as well. Their willingness to work with us on packaging allows for increased productivity and more profitable projects."

Dale Wilson

Lighting Designer 

"We had been using the same, large fixture manufacturer for years until it became obvious that they were no longer able to meet our needs and the needs of our customers. After much of their production had been moved out of the country, we noticed a further decline in the quality of their products. Too many fixtures were arriving at our projects damaged or with broken lenses. Their delivery dates had gone from 4 to 6 weeks to an unacceptable 8 to 12 weeks. Twelve weeks was typical if we requested a specific ballast manufacturer. Occasionally, fixtures arrived with parts missing or wired incorrectly. The fixture manufacturer was probably saving money by moving their production to a different country but long lead times and damaged product was costing us money. Manufacturing in a foreign country may be fine for some products, but in our experience, fluorescent lighting fixtures isn't one of them."

"With Williams fixtures, we get everything we expect and more. Williams delivers our fixtures in a very reasonable period of time with any brand or type of ballast we want. The quality has been outstanding. We are able to provide our customers with great lighting fixtures at a very reasonable price. I am extremely pleased to work with a company like Williams that is clearly focused on producing high quality products, doing it better than their competitors and doing it in America."

Todd Kadoun
Lighting Specialist, CLEP

Electrical Distributor 

"I am constantly impressed with Williams/Infinity sales support. Their attitude is 'sure, we can do it!' For example, I asked Infinity for a dimming ballast on an order and their answer was 'we can do that in 4 days.' Competition would need 2 to 3 weeks to fill the same request. This customer focus makes my job easier; something I appreciate after 25+ years in this business."

"The Williams/Infinity Show Coach is a real sales tool. We can take it to a customer site or park here at our offices and, in just a few minutes, present their product lines to as many as 30 or 40 customers in one day. Plus, the factory people who operate the coach can answer specific product questions right on the spot."

"Both Williams and Infinity can deliver their fixtures shrink wrapped. This 'Contractor Kit' cuts the amount of waste material the contract has to dump in the garbage. This, in turn, helps protect the environment and saves the contractor money."

"Hands down, I never have to apologize for Williams or Infinity product quality. For example, they were one of the first fixture manufacturers to powder coat all fabricated parts on all their fixtures—and one of the last to still do it! Engineers and contractors love them. Furthermore, all their fixtures are lamped and tested before shipment. I can't say that about their competitors."

"We did a 'table top comparison' of an 8ft. Williams fixture vs. two competitors' fixtures for an installation where the fixture would be suspended at both ends. The competitor's fixtures bowed so much they couldn't even be lamped. The contractor selected Williams and is still happy with the decision today."

Larry Carter
Sales Representative

Electrical Contractor 

"We do a lot of school lighting jobs and the schedules can be tight. We asked about an order with one fixture manufacturer and they quoted 7-8 weeks delivery schedule. Williams was able to fast track the order and we had the fixtures on-site in two weeks. Their focus is on the customer."

"When you look at a Williams or Infinity fixture you see quality. From the metal used in manufacturing the fixture all the way down to the hinges they use, it all says 'quality'. I especially appreciate the fact that they paint their fixtures after they have been fabricated. This eliminates any sharp edges and keeps my guy's from getting cuts in their hands as they install the fixtures. It makes our work easier and faster."

"Williams and Infinity have developed packaging techniques that virtually eliminates damaged fixtures. This eliminates repair time and dealing with returns. That, in turn, shows up directly on our bottom line."

"During a recent contractor visit to the Williams factory, there was the company President talking with all the attendees to find out what we wanted to see product-wide now and in the future. That's what I call a customer-focused company."

"This company started 50 years ago and I'm now the third generation in charge. Quality and service is what we stand for. From the people who manufacture the fixtures to the truck drivers who deliver them, everyone at Williams and Infinity cares about the customer and that helps us maintain our reputation. They are a pleasure to work with."

Doug Eckelkamp

Consulting Engineer 

"The Infinity PHRL75 fixtures offered outstanding light control and allowed me to create a lighting design that blended with the high-end light fixtures the architect had already chosen. Additionally, the design could meet the California Title 24 regulations for energy use. We've been recognized for 'LEEDs' designs in the past. So, we wanted this lighting design to be as 'green' as possible and the Infinity fixtures helped us meet that goal."

"The design and installation schedule for this project was very tight. Infinity has a reputation for product quality and the ability to ship on a tight time schedule. That's why we chose Infinity fixtures for the Ross Stores project."

Dan Cartaina
Lighting Designer